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What does Conscious Parent Coaching involve?

Hi there, my name’s Priyanka, founder and conscious parenting coach at Home to Harmony 🙂

All coaching sessions are with me and I’m here to support you on your parenting journey. As a Conscious Parent Coach certified by Dr. Shefali Tsabary and trained in Gabor Mate’s method of Compassionate Enquiry, I use my expertise to help you with the challenges you are facing and help you to create long term sustainable change, fostering and nurturing connection within your family. 

I’ve given a little insight into what Conscious Parent Coaching sessions are about, below. However, before reading on, if you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘Conscious Parenting’ or would like more information about it, you may want to read our blog post.

What are Conscious Parent Coaching sessions all about?

Coaching sessions are focused on helping you, the parent, to navigate this journey of parenthood. A journey of joy and abundance but also a journey which can bring up many insecurities, frustrations and fears

Aligned with Conscious Parenting, coaching sessions will enable you to parent from a place of calm, confidence, curiosity and connection, where your child will feel seen, heard and be able to grow and flourish into a resilient, empowered and conscious being. 

In our sessions, we will dive deeper into your unique challenges, issues and feelings at play. Focusing on the particular challenges you are facing, I’m here to support and empower you with the knowledge, guidance, tools and awareness in enabling you to tap into your own infinite resources and wisdom, tailored to navigate your unique situation.

The 1:1 coaching sessions are a safe, confidential and judgment-free space where you are able to speak openly. You can think of me as your confidante, who is here to listen to you, support you and compassionately guide you on this ever evolving journey. 

See what others are saying about coaching sessions

“Priyanka’s empathic reflection and guidance has helped me to really understand who I am, beneath the layers of confusion that I’d felt burdened by forever. Over the course of a few sessions, we deconstructed a handful of key patterns from my childhood, that I simply could never have identified and healed on my own. My sessions with Priyanka have been transformative. She is truly gifted, committed and passionate about her work and the people she helps. I no longer play small and nor am I fearful of others opinions.  My connection with my child continues to grow immeasurably as my own awareness develops. My world has changed as a result and I will be forever grateful.”

– TP

More about the sessions

All coaching sessions are for the duration of 1 hour, via Zoom. This enables you to have sessions within the comfort of your own space, without the hassle of travel-time and allows me to work with clients across all time-zones, all over the world 🙂

Book a FREE coaching discovery call

You can book a free 30 minute discovery call to ask any questions that may be on your mind regarding coaching!

Please note: These calls are only regarding coaching enquiries. For any other enquiries please contact us using our contact form or email address.

Want to explore Conscious Parenting but not ready for Coaching yet?

If you would like to explore Conscious Parenting, however, at this point in time coaching isn’t for you, that’s okay 🙂 Keeping this in mind, we provide other avenues through which you can explore Conscious Parenting such as workshops and other products and services, designed to impart knowledge and equip you with practical tools for application to help you on your parenting journey.