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Priyanka Jain Founder at Home to Harmony

Welcome, so glad you’re here! I’m Priyanka, Founder and Conscious Parenting Coach, at Home to Harmony – certified by renowned Dr. Shefali Tsabary in her CPM method and trained in Dr. Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry Short Course. 

Raised between the United Kingdom and India, I grew up with a fascination of different cultures and experiences, with a budding curiosity on the impact of these on human behavior and long-term fufillment. This curiosity has driven me to many of the milestones of my adult life – pursuing Law at University to understand the societal implications of institutions which enabled me to analyse different point of views and where they stem from, working in an organisation as Head of Business, enlightening me with the nuances of different cultures and importance of attuning to individuals in the realms of their experiences, to working with children at various NGO’s and Learning Centres giving me insight into how impactful childhood is and how we can support such a crucial time in people’s lives.

As I continued my quest to learn more about human behavior and the ‘laws’ that allow us to achieve long-term fulfilment, I found myself experiencing my own intense emotional burnout. This was the turning point. I found myself deeply reflecting on and questioning everything around me.

After much introspection and practiced mindfulness, the irony and misalignment became clear through a moment of awakening. My very own conditioning and beliefs – deeply embedded while I was a child – were preventing me from living as my most authentic self. A self clouded by delusion and noise that was now starting to unfold, by living in the awareness of the present moment.

It was clear that despite the best of our intentions, we tend to live life mostly unconsciously, driven through the power of our subconscious. And, it was even more clear – the importance of tackling this early on in life. 

Home to Harmony began here. It began from my own experience of navigating emotional burnout and challenging experiences as an adult, my pursuit and dedication to enable individuals to realise their value and my hope for all to live healthy – emotional and physical – lives.