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“At Home to Harmony we aim to enable long-term fulfillment for ourselves & future generations through the understanding of human development and the practice of mindfulness.”

– Priyanka Jain, Founder, Home to Harmony
Home to Harmony has 4 core focus areas

In order to achieve our mission we focus on understanding 4 core areas:

  1. How our Childhood shapes us,
  2. How we in-turn impact the lives of future generations, including our children,
  3. How we can actively work towards breaking old cycles and creating new ones and
  4. What we can do to create fulfilling & healthier lives for ourselves & generations to come.

Tree of Life describing why our childhood is important and generational cycles

Why does childhood play such an important role in our lives?

Viewing life through the metaphor of a tree – the tree of life – we can understand this cycle better. The various roots of our family and society largely determine and influence our experience of childhood – the trunk of the tree. It is our childhood that lays the foundation for our future and it is from here that the many branches of our adulthood flourish. These include the branches of our relationships, our jobs, our experiences and so on. It is from here that the generational cycles and societal archetypes continue to the next generation and become their roots.

In this way, we, as well as future generations, flourish from our own conscious and authentic living.

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